Academic Intervention & Dyslexia Treatment in Wayne, PA

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Intensive Academic Skills Program

NECCA offers intensive individualized academic interventions for students who struggle with foundational learning skills. Both younger students who are struggling with learning these basic skills or older students who are struggling from a lack of foundational skill development could benefit from remediation. NECCA helps students in skills related to math, reading, and writing to help build the necessary foundation for basic and higher-level skill development. Our tailored interventions are based on results from an assessment and individualized for each student. Intensive support is provided weekly with at-home practice provided.

Intervention will be provided by an educational specialist with extensive experience in evidence-based methodologies specific to each child. The process starts with an initial intake and assessment visit. After the intake and assessment, an intervention plan is devised that focuses on the goal the time expected that would be needed to complete the goal. The number of sessions will vary based on the student’s needs and summer schedules.

Intake and Assessment: $600

  • Intake session with parent
  • Educational testing with student to identify areas of need and develop the course of treatment

Individualized Instructional Sessions: $200 per hour

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Intensive Dyslexia & Reading Treatment


ReAD.IT is a 16-week reading fluency intensive program that is provided in the clinic for children who have not responded to alte rnative reading programs. Children come into the office once weekly for a 3-hour period and learn to read using the structure of the English language and patterns associated with spelling.

ReAD.IT is based on the most recent research-based interventions for dyslexic students, including intensive work in phonology and morphology, repeated reading, and speed drills delivered in a multi-sensory methodology, as well as daily guided oral reading. The comprehensive program includes an initial reading screening and a follow-up screening to determine responsiveness to the program. Students often experience a dramatic improvement following completion.

ReAD.IT is a Structured Literacy program. Structured Literacy instruction is systematic and cumulative. Systematic means that the material follows the logical order of the English language. The sequence begins with reading instruction where the student is fully able to decode text moving up to more complex and multisyllabic text, progressing gradually.

All reading instruction is explicitly taught in this manner.

That said, all instruction is based on ongoing monitoring and assessment, until the student is efficient and automatic with the text. Automaticity is important to help understand the ease and efficiency with which the student is able to process the reading material.

This program is designed for students in elementary through high school. Pre and post testing is conducted, with ongoing monitoring also provided weekly.

In addition, ReAD.IT is offered as a research-based alternative to in-school reading remediation intervention for dyslexic students and has shown to improve the reading fluency of dyslexic or reading disabled learners. It can be considered specially-designed instruction as part of a student’s IEP to improve reading fluency and automaticity and can be funded through a school district.

In addition, ReAD.IT Comprehension is also offered as an intensive reading comprehension program using visual imagery as a means to increase the reader’s ability to comprehend text. Contact the office to learn more.